La santidad y la mision del Padre Anibal, declarado "insigne apostol de la oracion por las vocaciones", son hoy profundamente apreciadas por quienes se han compenetrado de las necesidades vocacionales de la Iglesia.


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Objectives and household profile

The home "San Aníbal di Francia" is an institution that aims to serve all people with some need: physically and mentally disabled, lack of family support, etc. It does not pretend to limit the charity of Christ. It wants to be a place where everyone is welcomed, contained in a beneficial family environment, in the company of their brothers.

The “San Aníbal di Francia” Home is part of a larger project, which we call “Ciudad de la Caridad”. This City does not consist of a specific physical space, but in the coordination of all the charitable works of the religious Family of the Incarnate Word.

Por este motivo el Hogar trabaja en coordinación con el Hogar “San José Benito Cottolengo” y con el proyecto “Misericordia del Verbo” llevado adelante por miembros de la Tercera Orden Seglar de la Familia del Verbo Encarnado; como también con el CEPROM (Centro de promoción de la mujer); también procura aumentar el servicio a la comunidad en la atención a nuevos grupos vulnerables.

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What defines us


To be a family where we are all brothers; where the poor and disabled are dignified by the redemption of Christ and by the love of the brothers.


Give a home and family support that these children have never had, care for the poorest of the poor, we want to care for these brothers in all aspects: spiritual and material.
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Purposes of the home San Anibal di Francia

  • The San Aníbal di Francia home aims to be a place where God's mercy is manifested in caring for those most in need, in order to serve Christ through them.
  • It also aims to be a place where it is preached, not with words but with deeds, that it is God who cares for those most in need through his Providence. For this reason we do not want to depend on human securities.
  • We try not to close our eyes to the needs and, therefore, we will follow a principle laid down by Saint Luís Orione: "At the door of Little Cottolengo, whoever crosses it will not be asked if they have a name, but only if they have some pain..."
  • We are aware that each person we serve represents Christ, is Christ. We take as our own the words of Saint John of Ávila, referring to these people: “Look, it is I. Jesus". The Lord signs this affirmation regarding what we have to see in each poor person and, even more so, in the poorest of the poor.
  • Our aim is to dignify people, allowing them to fend for themselves and contribute to the general good. Saint Hannibal di Francia prayed for vocations, which in him meant discovering God's will for each one of us; among whom are the poor, the beggars, the handicapped, since they too are called to occupy a special place and function: to be an instrument of salvation for those who possess wealth and health and dedicate themselves to caring for them. Being involved in God's provident plan dignifies any person.
  • We aspire to be a family, a community of love, for those who have not had it; we want to give children a family, as well as those who come to the home to help.
  • We will try not to put limits on the charity of Christ, for which the Institute of the Incarnate Word feels urged to serve the most suffering brothers.
  • When speaking of home for the disabled, it is understood in a broad sense. The disabled person is anyone who cannot fend for himself; and, in this sense, both the mentally handicapped and the one with affective deficiency are.
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Información Importante


Actualmente son 19 niños y adolescentes con habilidades especiales. Son tres grupos de beneficiarios que atendemos: 6 niños y adolescentes con RM Severo, 6 niños y adolescentes con RM Moderado y 7 niños y adolescentes con trastornos comportamentales a causa de la violencia del que fueron rescatados.


Asociación sin fines de lucro “Hogar San Aníbal di Francia”.

Fecha De Constitución

01 de agosto de 2018.


Partida Registral N°11403445.



Responsabilidad Tributaria

Exonerada del Impuesto a la Renta. Entidad Perceptora de Donaciones, según Resolución N°0590050004164


R.P. Raúl Mario Harriague

Coordinador general

Prof. Luis Eduardo Miranda Alfaro